Introduction: How to Make a Stuffed TARDIS

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(This is actually my first instruct-able, so please tell me in the comments how to improve both the craft and page)

Are you a true whovian that wants everything to do with doctor who? well now you're one step closer with the stuffed Time And Relative Dimension In Space. You'll be going places in no time.

Things you'll need:

1.TARDIS blue felt

white felt

black felt

a spool of TARDIS blue string

a spool of white string

a spool of black string


hot glue gun

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

Cut the following shapes and the amount shown. each big square is 5x5 inches.there are 2 big squares. There are 4 sides of the tardis. All four rectangles are 4x6 inches long. There is also 1 medium sized square. The medium sized square is 4x4 inches. There are also 10 small squares. Each small square is 1x1 inches long there is also 4 black strips each black strip is 1x4 inches long

Step 2: Sewing the Body

First, you have to sew all four rectangles to the medium sized square lol in picture 1. Once you've sewn all the sides onto the base, sew the sides to each other as seen in pictures 2, 3, and 4. Afterward, turn it inside out and put it aside

Step 3: Sewing the Roof

First of all, slightly fold one of the two big squares into a triangle. Make a light sew about a centimeter from the crease. Try to make a gap in the middle 1 inch long. Unfold the square. Continue with the other half. Once you're done, get the other big square and on one side, sew one inch from the side like shown in the second picture. Do the same thing with two more sides. You should end up with one open side like in the 3rd picture. Then, sew the last side halfway. Then it should look like picture 4. Afterward, stuff it. Make sure not to stuff it too much or you will have a wierd ball instead of a TARDIS roof. *Once you've stuffed it,slip-stitch it closed.*

Step 4: Adding the Other Stuff

First, you might need to pin everything together to make sure you everything is in their place. *I put the sign on the top of the top*. I measure from there. The windows are 0.393701 inches (or 1cm) to the sign and 0.590551 inches (or 1.5cm) to the sides. The sign under the front left window is also 0.393701 inches (1cm) from the window and 0.590551 inches (1.5cm) from the left side .*

it doesn't really matter how you sew the windows or the sign as long as you sew it stuck to the TARDIS side. Pictures 2 and 3 show how I sewed the windows*. You may also hot glue the sign (this should be for display purposes only ) add details with puffy paint.

Step 5: *The Light *

This part is kind of difficult. This is why I put it in it's own step. First you should do this before you sew the roof onto the bottom. So, you should get one white square and fold 1/4 of the square down. After you fold it, roll it into a cylinder. Slip-stitch it closed like in picture 3. Then cut out a small square like in picture 4. See it on like in picture 5. Afterward, sew it on the top of the roof. Slip-stitch the roof onto the bottom. You have finished your TARDIS
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