Introduction: Wood Burnings I Made

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HI! hola ! if you want this in español pues yo lo pongo y listo
In this page are really good and detailed instructables for woodburning or pirography i just want to share what i have learned with those instructables.
if you got some drawing skills it will be a little more easy, but you can start easy things.
you have to be sublte and work with low temperatures most of the time to make diferent tones you dont want to make holes in the wood, most of the time i move the burner fast in random little circles but not in the same  spot or you will get a lot of little circles and the tone depends mostly of the speed you move the tip of the burner but some times you have to change the temperature.
REMEMBER the burner transfer temperature to thewood so when you lift the tip it gains temperature and burn more than you want, the next time you touch the wood you can fix this by blowing the tip and then using it normaly until it get its regular temperature realy fast (it reaaly works).
i use white color penci to the higligts and at the end i aply barnish, i use a rare mexican brand pirograph "MEF PIROGRAFOS" it has 10 diferent levels

SAFETY : most of the time i dont generate smoke unles i make rrealy depp and black  burnings, butt alwais keep windos open, some times some spots of the wood release a lot of smoke  so use glasses if you dont want to cry , i use a computer fan near to move away the smoke.
use only natural wood  not barnished ciuse it smells awful and for shure it causes harmful fumes, you can use water based wood stain cause they dont left oily recidues,
if you use plywood do not burn too deep or you can reach the glue wich causes harmful fumes

i will just the procees if one of my works hope you like !

oh, and :  DONT TOUCH THEHOT  TIP !!