Introduction: Wooden Bicycle

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if you were stuck in a forest what wood you do?

wood you build a wooden airplane?

wood you build a wooden boat?

no! you wood build a wooden bicycle

Step 1: Wooden Bicycle

  1. three 4 ft vines (you don't want big kinks in the vine)
  2. wood screws (screws for wood)
  3. 3 ft 8 in wooden plank
  4. two 1 ft 17 in boards
  5. a 6 in board
  6. twenty-four 8 in stakes
  7. two 4 in long dowels
  8. a 8 in long dowel
  9. 22 in long dowel
  10. 11 in long dowel

NOTE: all of the dowels have to be 1 1/4 in wide


  1. saw
  2. drill
  3. sander (preferably a belt sander) or sand paper
  4. 1 1/4 drill bit
  5. wood glue
  6. bansaw

safety items

  1. dust mask (for use when sawing bansawing and sanding)
  2. safety glasses (for use when sanding and bansawing)
  3. earplugs (for use when bansawing)

Step 2: Making the Wheels: Saw a Circle

NOTE: you will have to do the steps from here to step 8 twice

saw 2 1 ft 15 in circles

Step 3: Making the Wheels: Marking

get your circle, find the middle and mark it

put the stakes in the middle and draw along the edges there should be 7 on each wheel

then push the stakes out along the lines and stop when it is 1 ft 2 in from the center and mark the tips (see picture)

Step 4: Making the Wheels: Glue and Drill

put a two small drops of wood glue anywhere between the lines on the circle and put the stake on it

then put two drops of glue on the top of the stake and put the other stake on it and drill two pilot holes in roughly the same place

and screw two screws into the pilot holes

do this to all of the stakes

Step 5: Making the Wheels: Attach the Other Circle to the Top

put wood glue on the tops of the stakes and then put other circle on top of the stakes (that are attached to the circle) and line it up with the bottom circle

then drill two pilot holes where the stakes are (try not to drill into the screws) and screw screws into the pilot holes

Step 6: Making the Wheels: Sand It!

sand a small half circle into the ends of all the stakes that are connected to the circle(i used a belt sander)

Step 7: Making the Wheels: Attaching the Vine to the Wheel

get your vine and put it on the sanded part of the stakes then hammer the staples in

do this all around the wheel

NOTE: if the stakes crack fill in the crack with wood glue

Step 8: Making the Wheels: Drill Another Hole

find the middle of the circle and drill a 1 1/4 in hole

Step 9: Build the Body!

get a 3 ft 45 in board (that is the length of a normal bicycle) and drill a 1 1/4 inch hole 2 in away from the end of the board

get the both of the 1 ft 17 in boards and drill a 1 1/4 in hole 2 in away from the edge

Step 10: Add to the Back

Get the boards and glue and screw them into the very back of the board

Step 11: Make the Steering System

Get the two other boards and the board Glue and screw it together

Step 12: Make the Pedal System

get the one of the 6 in circles and find the middle, glue and screw the dowel in with two screws (don't do this with the other side yet) get a small piece of wood and screw it into the edge of the circle then get the dowel and screw it in to the small board
Add a small grove into the 6 in circle

Step 13: Put It Together

Stick the main body and steering system together

Step 14: Add a Groove in the Back Axle

Make a Groove in the back axle (on the same side as the grooved pedal

Step 15: Screw Handle Bars On

Get a small piece of wood glue and screw it in

Step 16: Add a Rope

put a rope on the grooves

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