Introduction: Wooden Magnetic Key Hanger

Today I'm showing you another gem of our shared flat.

Who doesn't need a place to put all his keys, especially the shared keys in a shared flat ;-)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pile of those neodym magnets and while we were thinking about our "new key hanger" Bruno played with them, and then had this great idea.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

To build this, you don't need a lot.

basically it all started with a wooden board we found somewhere outside that looked great. We cut it into shape and cleaned it a bit and ready it was.

Besides that, as you see on the pictures, we had:

  • screwdriver
  • 3 x screws and 2 x ankers
  • a center bit (should have the size of the magnets)
  • a wood saw
  • magnets

and a nice little twig we added to hand something not magnetic :-)

Step 2: Drilling Holes

drilling the holes is a little delicate. Because you have to pay attention in not drilling through the board. If you do it once, you could probably fix it by adding some decoration twigs ;-)
But if it happens more often, you probably need a new board.

We just made a mark on the drill, to not go further. Some drillers even have this measure on the side you could adjust.

We were lucky, that we found a drill that had the exact size of the magnets, so we just had to push them in the holes and didn't need to glue anything.

With that in mind we started drilling some holes in the board kind of randomly distributed.

Step 3: Filling the Holes Mit Magnets

You need to figure out how much magnets you need. We thought something like three magnets works pretty well. But it all depends on the size of you key-rings and how magnetic they are ;-)

So we started with one magnet and added up until it was strong enough.

Step 4: The Twig

The twig on the front covered one hole that was in the board before.

This is where the saw comes in for a second time to make a clean cut at the right place of the twig. We picked a twig, that has this nice turn and made a cut pretty close to that turn so that it almost looks like a door handle.

We put it on top of the hole and used one of the screws to fix it from the other side.

Before we used the center bit to drill a bit in the board so that it is still flat on the backside.

Step 5: Reinforcing

The wood is pretty soft and as we wanted to hang it on the wall, we needed to reinforce the hole in the board. So we grabbed a small metal piece from the store to normally reinforce wooden frames.

Step 6: Personal Touch :-)

to add a personal touch we used a rubber eraser to remove some of the patina. That is the part where you can think of something for yourself an go crazy :-)

Step 7: All Done!

after that you just put one screw in the wall to hang it and we added another one at the bottom so it dosen't move anymore and is a little bit more stable.

Here you go! Your own magnetic wooden key hanger! \o/

Thanks for reading!