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These are just some things i have been working on and i thought that i should share with everybody and possibly give you guys some ideas, enjoy.

1. first is a picture of a heart shaped box i made for my girlfriend, this was the first time i have ever worked with veneers and they are a huge pain to work with ... or maybe i just did it wrong, but it still made her cry. the most interesting part about the box is how it is opened by pulling the arrow out and the lid is spring loaded so you don't need a handle to open it.

2. second is of a top that i made out of cedar.
it looks awesome but sadly the density of the wood makes the weight a little off center so it is only functional as a decoration.

3.  third  is of a mortar and pestle i made when i first got my lathe
the bowl part is made of pine and the crushy part is made of cedar.

4. the 5th and 6th pictures are of two different canisters i made, picture 5 has a captive ring turned into the top and the 6th picture is of a plain canister but both have lines burned into the sides made with a piece of wire while they were still in the lathe.

5. the 7th picture is of some hair sticks i made for my mom for mothers day.
the tiny tulips on the ends were made of maple and the shafts are made out of teak.

6. 8th picture is of a small goblet i made recently from some cedar i found with a captive ring in the bottom.
i still need to work on getting my captive rings to actually look like rings instead of a goofy looking round wedge.

7. the 9th picture is just of a small container that is made from a dogwood branch that was at my grandparents house.

8. pictures 10 and 11 are of tall candle holders that are also made out of dogwood, sadly the wood i used for the first one wasn't big enough to make a stable base so i don't think that it will get any use because it might start a fire.

9. pictures 13 and 14 are of a led lamp/lantern thing i made, it doesn't really light up a room but it sure does look cool!

10. picture 15 is of a square dish i made on the lathe, and i am not completely sure what type of wood it is made out of.

11. this is my favorite creation so far. the last three pictures are of a skateboard that i made and had my girlfriend paint. it has a kick tail and a slight upward curve to compensate for my weight when i am riding it. on the top it has a sixteen point nautical star that i burned into the nose with sand and polyurethane mixture for grip. and on the bottom it has artistic styling from my girlfriend who did a great job on the mahogany, then it has three coats of polyurethane to finish it up.  i got the trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware off of Ebay .

i will be adding to this list over time so if anybody has any questions or suggestions just drop a comment.
thanks for viewing!

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