Introduction: Writing Your Name on Rice Grain and Get a Cool Key Chain

A step by step procedure showing how to write your name on a piece of rice grain using readily available materials. You can use the grain later as a key chain , necklace or whatever you wish to use for. Make it for yourself or as a gift for your loved one. 

Step 1: The Materials Required

The materials required are :
1. Hair oil (preferably a fairly Translucent one)- I have used Jasmine oil.
2. A paint brush(size 00 to 01) - the brush should have sharp or a chiseled tip.
3. Acrylic colours
4. Super glue
5. Key Ring
6. Here I have used small glass tubes as a container for the rice ; you can use whatever container you can get locally.
7. Forceps
8. The rice grain - preferably a longish one

Step 2: Picking the Right Size

Choose the desired rice grain and place it firmly between the forceps.

Step 3: Mixing the Deired Color

Mix the desired acrylic color with water and load your brush with it keeping the brush tip pointed

Step 4: Applying the Paint on the Rice

Slowly and steadily  keeping your fingers near to the tip of the brush start writing the desired name on the rice. Care should be taken that the the paint should not be watery so make a thick  solution

Step 5:

Another image to help you.
It would be better if you use vertical and horizontal strokes as it would give sharp and crisp strokes and the characters would be legible .

Step 6: Voila!

Step 7:

Here i have used a tubular glass container which was locally available to me. You can use any transparent container  that is  locally available you.

Step 8:

The container is filled with rice.

Step 9:

The container is then filled with the oil

Step 10:

The container is then sealed with a stop cock , and super glue is applied to the rim.

Step 11:

the key chain is then attached to the container by a small metal ring

Step 12:

the oil magnifies the size of the rice grain and you have a souvenir!