Introduction: X-mas Candy Stand

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here at my house we have a LOT of sweets at the holidays so I made this for my mom.
(it soud be noted that in England you can buy chocolate baubles)

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:
.a wooden pole
.some small hooks
.pin nails
.wood glue
.an expanding glue
.a drill & small drill bit
.mdf primer
.paint: green,wight,yellow,blue
.spray snow
.paint brush
.a compass or some plates

Step 2: Cut

now get your wood and draw a 1" circle.
now draw another one 0.5" larger.
I made 9 but you can make it as tall as you like.(i would like to see how tall it can be)
now cut your pole in to some 3" segments and a 5".
and cut a square bigger than the largest circle.

Step 3: Drill

drill 3 holes in the middle of the circle.
drill 1 hole In the middle of the square.
drill 3 holes on the outer part of the underside.

Step 4: Paint 1

it'll be easy if you paint it now.
coat everything in mdf primer.
now dry and paint.(i make it dry quicker with a heat gun)
circles are green.
the square soud be done I layers 1 Wight 2 blue 3 wight

Step 5: The Trunk

now drill a hole in the bottom of the 5" trunk segment.
now put your biggest circle on top and nail and glue.
now put nails in the holes of the trunk segments and cut the head off.
now put glue on the underside and hammer.
and repeat.

Step 6: Hooks

drill and add a bit of glue to the hooks and screw in place.

Step 7: Paint2

cut out a star drill the under it and add a pin and paint yellow.
paint the top wight.

Step 8: Finnish

drill the top and glue the star in place leve it to dry.
add sweets.

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