Introduction: { FLORAL UNICORN }

Fabulous white horse adorned with a magic horn, the unicorn is very trendy nowadays! Symbol of power and purity, everyone loves it for its soft and magical appearance.

A small paper mache unicorn having been entrusted to me by a friend so that I decorate it nicely, I took the opportunity to take each step of my realization in photo to make you a little tutorial! To show you how it can be decorated in a pretty, flowery and girly way and make it perfect to decorate your little home.

FRENCH VERSION : http://insolitis.com/tuto-licorne-fleurie/

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) UNICORN figurine (made of clay or paper mache or plastic).
( 2 ) GLUE in a glue gun or a strong glue tube.
( 3 ) PAINT acrylic paint or chalk effect paint. *
( 4 ) PAINT white iridescent or pearly effect. **
( 5 ) PAINTS metallic colored paints, including a gold color paint. ***
( 6 ) PAPER AND STRASS FLOWERS of different sizes, shapes, and colors

(* here I used RAYHER CHALKY FINISH paint "White" || ** acrylic paint SILK "Iridescent Gold" || *** acrylic paint LUMIERE "Magenta" and "Turquoise" as well as PEBEO DECO NACRE "Gold")

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

(1) Remove the natural dust from the paper mache with a small cloth.
(2) Paint the unicorn with the white paint of your choice and let it dry.
(3) Depending on the coverage of your painting, pass a second coat of paint.
(4) Then paint it with the pearly or iridescent white paint.

Step 3: [ P a I N T I N G ]

( 5 ) Let it dry (drying time of the paint).
( 6 ) Paint the hooves and the horn with the gold paint.
( 7 ) Line-paint the mane and tail with the colored metallic paints.
( 8 ) Select paper flowers of various shapes in the same color as the paints.

Step 4: [ D E C O R a T I N G ]

( 9 ) Then glue the paper flowers as if you were composing a bouquet.
( 10 ) Paint the ends of the paper flowers with the color-matched colored paints.
( 11 ) Select various rhinestones of the same color as the paints.
( 12 ) Then glue the rhinestones where you want them on the unicorn and flowers.
( 13 )Tip: This decorative unicorn going to be exposed always showing the front, I decorated the back much lighter.
( 14 ) Let it dry for a few hours to make sure everything is well glued.

Step 5: [ E N J O Y ]

That's it, your pretty unicorn is finished and ready to decorate your living room, room or workshop!

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