Introduction: 'Splodies

For lack of anything better to call them. Amusing use, they will "a splode" when tossed or dropped. 4-12 pieces required, plus a rubber band, per 'splodie. These are great if you have a handfull of them and an unsuspecting friend...

Step 1: Pieces

You need (to make one with best results):

2, 4, or 6 rods of any size*
2, 4, or 6 orange/brown connector pieces
1 or more rubber bands of same size* (one works fine)

Put the orange connector pieces on one end of each rod.

*see next step

Step 2: Priming the 'splodie

I used the word priming because they will a splode when unset. This will probably happen unexpectedly if you try to throw them (they're not called throwies for a reason).

Put the rubber band between them before pulling them apart. It may take some practice.

*Note: the more rods you use, the less power they get each. The more rubber bands you use, the harder the impact must be.*

Step 3: Using the 'splodie

This is really a pointless step, as the details have been mentioned in previous steps. But for those of you who followed the pictures:

Pick up 'splodie with care
Toss or drop it at target
The pieces go in two opposite directions, so plan accordingly
Do not place in mouth, eyes, ears, or nose
Stop reading these directions
No, really. Stop.

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