Introduction: Basic Knex Cannon

This is something that they don't show you how to do when you buy the sets. Using less than 15 pieces (and a rubber band), this can shoot its ammo a good 4 feet, depending on how strong the rubber band is. It can also be modified to shoot farther, higher, faster, and more.

Step 1: Get Pieces

This should not be very hard, especially if you have a lot like me. Colors may vary.

Step 2: Assemble Body...

Put them together like this, but the spacing is only to show the pieces better.

Step 3: Assembling...

Snap on the other side like so...

Step 4: Make Firing Pin.

Put together this part with the rubber band strung in the eye of the pin. Then put it through the holes on the base.

Step 5: Streatch Rubber Band.

Loop the ends of the rubber band like so. It should not be too loose, but don't pull it to its full potential. Adjust as needed.

Step 6: Make Ammo

The ammunition is just 2 pieces put together to make a ball shape (sort of).

Step 7: Shooting the Cannon.

Pull back the pin until the trigger flips down in front of it. Load the ammo on top of the two prong-like things in the front. Fire by pulling the trigger to the side. Dry fires ( or too much power) can result in a launched pin and hurt fingers.

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