Introduction: 1 Chain Stitch = 3 Transformable Accessories

A super easy chain stitch is the base of crochet but can also be turned into three fun accessories. With a long chain stitch and a bead, you can create a necklace for the office, turn it into a headband for a day at the beach, or rock it on your wrist at the club. All these accessories can transform from one to the other over and over again.

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this project is a bead, yarn, scissors, and a crochet hook that matches the yarn's size. On the yarn label, it will indicate the needle size that is appropriate for the yarn.

Step 2: Chain Stitch

Chain stitch a few feet.

If you don't yet know how, check out this detailed tutorial on the super easy Chain Stitch.

I chained roughly 13.5 feet and it only took about 20 minutes. If you're less experienced, it will take a bit longer. However, I promise it is very easy to pick up. You don't need to create a specific length, but you want to consider how many times you'd want it to wrap around your head. 18" is about the diameter of my head, so my chain wraps around 9 times. That number will be double for a bracelet, so my bracelet wraps around 18 times.

Step 3: Bead

Add your bead to one end of the chain.

If you can put your crochet needle through the bead, it's easy to pull the chain through and tie it off.

To hide the tail of excess chain, you can pull it through the bead again.

Step 4: Slip Knot

Tie a slip knot on the other end of your chain.

If you need help with slip knots, check out step two in my chain stitch instructable.

Step 5: Lets Get Pretty

Now, you can use your chain to create a bracelet, necklace, or headband.

Step 6: Loop Base

This loop is the base of all the different accessories.

Pull the chain through the slip knot in the end of the chain to create a large loop.

Step 7: Bracelet Start

You have your choice of starting your bracelet in two different ways.

-Start with the loop base around your hand and arm as pictured. Wrap the chain around your arm like you would a hose or cable. Wrap the resulting bundle around your wrist three times.

-Start with the loop base around your wrist. Wrap the chain around your wrist until there's a few inches left at the end.

Step 8: Bracelet Tie Off

You have your choice of two different ways to tie off your bracelet.

-Wrap the beaded end of your chain around all the layers of chain to create a bow-like shape.

-Tuck the beaded end into the bulk of the bracelet for a more discreet tie off.

Step 9: Necklace

Start with the loop base and hold the slip knot in your hand.

Wrap the chain up into your hand in either similar or varying lengths depending on your preference.

Wrap the beaded end around the top of your bundle.

Pull the necklace over your head while letting the beaded end dangle in the back.

Step 10: Headband

Start by wrapping the loop base around your head.

Continue to wrap the chain around your head until you come to the beaded end.

Tuck the bead under the chain to secure.

Step 11: Enjoy

Have fun transforming your chain into your own personalized versions of each of these accessories!

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