Introduction: 10 Mini Mental Vacations From the Stress of the Adult "real World"

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We all get stressed from time to time. It is a fact of life that people want us to do more with less and at a faster pace. We are pulled and stretched until we can't focus on one thing, so we start to make mistakes. We are only human after all. Here are a few things I have found to help me to destress and focus better.

Step 1: Go for a Drive

I love to drive on winding crooked county roads. They truly are the roads less traveled. I can turn up the car radio and I can drive for miles. It gives me a sense of peace to just drive. I know that some don't live out in the country so do the best you can. Just take a drive and let your mind relax.

Step 2: Go for a Walk

There has to be a school with a track, a church parking lot, a walking trail somewhere near you. Take full advantage of the resources near you. Just 15 minutes of physical activity can help quite your spirit. Fresh air and sunshine help a great deal also.

Step 3: Sing and Dance, Twist and Shout

When the world gets too much for me, I try to drown it out. That is when I slap in a CD (yes I still have some of those) or pull up my ever handy dandy play list. Slap in the ear phones and listen my way to happiness. Oh BTW... you can dance like nobody is watching, chances are they probably aren't.

Step 4: Find a Quite Place to Still Your Mind

When you need a place to still your mind, sometimes you don't want any noise. You want to pray, meditate or just listen to the sounds of nature, find that place that is sacred to you. It can be your church or where you find peace. I call these my sacred places.

Step 5: Write It Out

Writing in my journal give me a chance to blow off a little steam in a constructive manner and not say something I will regret later. It is always with me so I can do just that. Not sure how to start? Try this link.

Step 6: Color or Sketch/shade's not just for kids. There are even adult coloring books. Try coloring or shading. It gives you something to do that involves movement and seeing things in a different way. It takes your focus off what is troubling you and refocuses your attention to the task at hand. And it is F.U.N. !!!

Step 7: Take Time to Play

Go to the playground or park. Swing, slide, ride the merry-go-round. Laugh. Be a kid again. Remember the time before life was so heavy on your tired shoulders. The park I go to has trees everywhere. I get the merry-go-round started pretty fast and I lay down on my back and watch the trees circle. It looks like they are moving not me. Try it sometime, unless you get motion sickness, then I would skip it.

Step 8: Make Things and Create Your Own Space

After 43 years of living with other people, I had my own place and space for the first time ever. I have created a space where my art, although not great, can hang where I can see it. It is my place and my space. Make your space your own. Leave your mark on it. Give it your personality. Be the King or Queen of your own castle.

Step 9: Watch Clouds

The ground... everywhere. The sky....everywhere. Use them. Lay on your back and watch the clouds. You will be surprised what images you see on this giant canvas. This will enhance your creativity and help you relax.

Step 10: Find Something Unusual to Focus On...

Inspiration comes from many places and sources. Notice everything. Look at the ordinary until you see something extraordinary. Because, there is something extraordinary in every day.

Hope these help!!! Let me know if you do something that helps you. It might be something new I'd like to try. Thanks for looking.

Here's a bonus....take a photo of what makes you smile!! Every phone now days has a pretty good camera on it. If it makes you smile record it. Look at your camera roll from time to time to remember your journey.