Introduction: 1.2.3 Mason Jar Cake

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This is a very simple 1.2.3 Mason Jar cake. Made with very few ingredients.


  1. Mason jar, any size
  2. Any left over cake (can also use crumbled cookies moistened in milk)
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Any decoration you can think of

Step 1: Layer 1

Crumble a leftover cake. You can also crumble any cookie and add little milk and mix for the layer. Take the mason jar and top 1/4 of the jar with the crumbled cake and lightly press with spoon. You can literally use any left over cake (chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin, etc)

Step 2: Layer 2

Fill the whipped cream in a piping bag. You can also use any plastic bag and cut tip of it to fill this layer. You can use any flavouring which goes with the cake layer. Fill the jar till bit more than 1/2 with whipped cream.

Step 3: Layer 3

Repeat Layer 1 again

Step 4: Layer 4

Repeat Layer 2 again. Here the jar should be filled almost to the top, just leaving a little bit of space for decoration.

Step 5: Decoration

And finally the decoration, You can literally use any thing to decorate like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, crushed MnM's, Jelly, etc.

Isn't it simple 1.2.3 🥰

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