Introduction: Garden Watering Pot

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This is a very east and fast project to make, even your kids can help. Below are the list to things needed, many of them are optional and replaceable.


  • Old used plastic bottle/container
  • Old pvc pipe or thick garden hose
  • Super glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Duct tape/Gorilla tape/Rasin sealant(sealant putty), this is optional just for strengthening.
  • Wire or strong string [optional]
  • Marker pen
  • Utility knife
  • Hexo blade
  • Set Square

Step 1: Cut Your Pipe

The first step is to cut your pvc pipe's one end to 45 degrees approx. Check the first image.

The second step is size your pipe relative to your plastic bottle. For this we will use simple Pythagoras theorem.

a2 + b2 = c2

So accordingly I needed ~14" pipe for my 10" bottle.

Step 2: Cut Glue Tape

So firstly in this step mark your pipes horizontal cut on the bottle as shown in 1st image. Then draw a smaller ellipse few mm inside, and cut the inside portion using utility knife. You will have to be cautious here, not to cut more. Alternatively you can also punch in some holes using hot nail or soldering iron.

Then place the horizontal cut of pipe on bottle as shown in 3rd image and apply some super glue. Once super glue is bonded, you can either apply hot glue or apply resin putty for strength. Finally apply some duct tape for more strength.

And its ready

Step 3: (Optional)Showering Effect

Now this step is totally optional and can be done in different ways. Using candle I softened the pipe's tip and pressed it and sealed up, then punched in some holes using hot nail. Or you can attach some old things which helps in showering effect. Check next step for the same

Step 4: Bigger the Better

The same thing I tried with a bigger container and it was also a success. For the watering pot showering effect I used a used up water balloons connector.

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