Introduction: 2 Gaint Monitor Stand From All SCRABS

I made this experiment of 2 x 23" LCD monitors in one base out of all scrabs, it's the 2nd time made this, the better one yet. welcome comments and criticals.


  1. 2 x metal bars (any kind) can joint the 2 monitors head to head from behind.
  2. piece of bar or anything can attach solidly with the TV base
  3. for 2 x 23" LG monitors, I used a 32" philis TV base
  4. screws and plastic

Step 1: Build a Solid Base

I used a TV base attached with a metal arm piece from a trash satellite dish, which the other parts of it is converted to a garden planter, you can see in my other instructable:

The tv obviously hangs up on the wall now. I did not modify the functionality of the TV base, this means when I want it back together, I just can do it. yeah, I got to get another base from somewhere.

Step 2: Put Together the 2 LCD Monitors

This part I stored a broken aluminum corner bar among rest of things from construction years ago (You got it, I knew nothing was trash)

it was easy to screw to this one, there were holes every 1/4 inch.

Step 3: Stand Up!

this piece of the satellite dish, enough strong, and has a little hook at the top, instead of screw them, I just insert a piece of iron wire (see the 3rd picture)

the rest is shown in the picture. not pretty but works.

Step 4: Front View

Nothing to complain aH? it's strong and light has a very good base plate! for my much better than DIY homebrew. and it's practically trash when your TV is on the wall.


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