Introduction: Vertical PVC Garden

I always wanted to find a safe place to grow my lettuce, but I have 2 dogs hanging around in my garden, they won't let any "interesting" plant grow, especially vegetables, so I have a very tiny place reserved for me, however its very small. Here is the result and proved working extraordinarily well.

PD: this instructable has been inspired by a youtube video from Mr. Antonis Hatziadamou

While i was searching back the above video, i also found another even better way to make the perfect holes! this guy is so smart! here is his video:

Step 1: All You Need Are PVC Pipes and It's Cover

I had built years ago a PVC boat, it was fun but quite heavy to get in/out to the lake, so I disabled it and kept 2 pieces of 3 meters long PVC Pipes, they are 160mm diameters, very strong still after 3 years under the sun light.

Step 2: 3 Axles, Every 30cm Height, and 10cm Cut

I am getting used to working along, the pipes are quite big to handle, so I put an elastic band to help me hold the pipe while sewing it.

My wall reflects some sunlight, so I decide to make the cut every 120 degrees, with a height different of 30cm, so they apart from each other enough space for roots growing.

The cut to make holes are 10cm cut, this is a considerable opening to grow your lettuce.

Step 3: Hot Blower and a RAID Tin.

melting around the cut about 1 minute, then push the RAID tin in then bend up, helped to hold position with an elastic band. easy enough.

The final touch is to sand a little bit.

You can see from a picture taken from above, there is plentty of space to grow roots.

Step 4: The Final Work

This picture is the same day when I did the transplant and a week later

Step 5: How to Transplant Easily

I break down the RAID can, and make a metal sheet, it's hard enough to insert into soil with the plant together, then push with a pole to plant and get out the metal sheet.