Introduction: Super Treadmill From a Basic Old One , Almost All Scrab

Many years ago, I bought an "x - hands" weslo treadmill, with only one function - speed dial, it has a huge DC motor and a huge transformer, nothing else to invite me do something.

Years after, I got a universal treadmill controller, a nice LCD screen, So I modified this old guy, but still not attracting enough, I wanna run and watch something interesting, so comes the idea of adding audio/video etc.

Finally, I got granny to come to walk....

Step 1: Base Structure

The metal back panel was from a piece of old PC case.

cut a wood triangle and stick the controller and ipad with velcros

power socket is in the back of the control panel.

Step 2: Portable Speaker Fixed

It is actually clipped by 2 pieces of Eva rubber, this will absorb vibration and make it easy to take off, also adjust angles to face to you.

Step 3: 2 Fans for Now, the Maxim Posibilities Are 8!

Just to test it works well or not, I put 2 ventilatores from PC, they blows well as we are in winter time.

Next when i feel needed, will put a PC fan controller and expand them to 8, then i will able to adjust speed.

Step 4: Special Care for Granny

The extra handles are from a broken inflated boat, not very strong, just for granny to feel more confortable.

Enjoy the tour to rome watching youtube and walk/run with wind blowing to your face.

this is what aerobic sport means to me.

Enjoy. and coment your ideas!