Introduction: $20 Surfboard Rack for Scooter

Hi everyone! First of all I want to apologies for my English - originally im from Ukraine but now i live in New Zealand in the gorgeous town called Mount Maunganui where lots of people loves to surf.

I love surfing and scooters. After I bought a scooter I decide to put surfboard rack on it. Looked online but couldn't find anything cheaper than 140 bucks! After that ive decided to make my own.

Im really happy with the result and want to share what ive done with you coz i love helping people. Especially people who loves to surf and ride scooters ;)

Step 1: What You Need


2 x Metal rods 1.20m ($6 each)

2 x Galvanised square U Bolts 26mm ($4 each)

3 x Insulation pipes (1.2" diameter)

Step 2: Bending Rods and Figuring Out the Lengths

So! Rods. I found them in the garden section in our local Bunnings. They were bend on one end which was perfect, super cheap and easy to bend. I would love to have bending machine but its quiet expensive here, so i just bend the rods using my hands and the garage door :)

Rods are 1.2m and you have to find out where to bend them coz it depend on the height of your scooter. First i bend 30sm but it wasnt enough. I end up bending it almost in the middle to get a perfect clearance in between board and a road.

After I figured out perfect length I secured (not too tight) both rods on the scooter rack with U bolts. Then i moved apart ends with hooks to find out perfect length for surfboard. It was about 1.1m. Then I tightened the bolts and weld rods together just a little bit.

The result is on the photo.

Step 3: A

After welding both rods together i cut off about 30sm. One stick i used to make it more solid. So I cut it on the angle to make like a letter A (photo 2 and 3). Weld the stick to the rack.

Step 4: Making It Soft

Put on insulation pipe. Its easy and i dont need to tell you what to do.

Step 5: Be Creative ;)

When i started making the rack I didnt even think how am i going to secure the board on the rack. So i was improvising. I found 2 washers and decided to weld them to the hooks. You can use washers or bolts.

IMPORTANT! You have to put on insulation pipes first and then weld washers to the rods.

I also place a piece of cardboard under to make sure that sparks from welding electrodes wont burn the pipes.

Step 6: Easy As!

At the end i sprayed welded parts with black paint, chuck the rack on the scooter rack and tighten U bolts. Secured the board with elastic band with 2 hooks and that was it.

My board is 6"3 and the rack holding it perfectly! I was riding up to 70 km/h, it was really windy and the surfboard didnt even move!

Thank you and good luck!