Introduction: 25 Caliber K'nex Assault Rifle/ AR25

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25 Caliber K'nex Assault Rifle aka AR25


My first k'nex gun so criticize all you want =D
Only person that knew I was working on this was DSman195276

50-60 feet average with one long rubber band this thick (the underscore)_
12 red rod round mag
true trigger
Modded orange connecter with a tab missing
4 Modded grey connecters or 2 orange connecters cut in half
Dsman195276's Modded DD27 Barrel- Link
T3Hprogrammer's YAKG Trigger- link

Step 1: Hopper Entry Barrel

Pretty Straight Forward look at notes

Step 2: The Modded Frictionless Barrel

Look at notes and you should be fine.

Step 3: Add's Accuracy and Good Looks

Look at notes.

Step 4: Handle

Really comfty and self explanatory

Step 5: The Strenght and Looks Extension+foregrip

Really Really Recommended

Step 6: La Hopper

12 Green/red rods for ammo

Step 7: Not Many Pictures of Trigger

More on YAKG on this link

Step 8: Almost Forgot, Ramrod

If you can't build this and got this far... ouch

Step 9: Connect It All

The numbers are the steps