Introduction: 2X72 Belt Grinder

This is my DIY 2 X 72 Inch belt grinder.

Step 1: Making the Body

Place the Metal like this….. and Weld it in to place Each Piece is 13 inches long Square tubing 2X2 And 4mm thick.

The Inner Pieces are 1 1/2 inch Square Tubing 3 Pieces One 17 inches long and two 15 inches long

the longest one goes on top it holds the Tracking Wheel. the other two go in the front of the grinder

top and bottom. one its for the Plate that holds the Two 2 inch wheels , the other one holds the Metal Plate that sits Flat. like a support Table.

Step 2: Base and Stand

Weld The Body to a Flat piece of metal.. Drill holes and place the whole thing on a thick base Wood in this case,

Step 3: Handle Holder and Handles

To Secure the Pieces that Go inside… You need to make handles. Drill holes on the metal use a big Nut.

Weld it in place and then you will be able to place the handles that hold the metal tubing in place so nothing moves or vibrates

Step 4: Tracking Wheel

On Top of the 17 inch pice make a tilting Tracking wheel holder. use a 4 inch Square tubing Cut it in a Angle

Make two holes on each side. and a bigger hole on front this is where the Wheel will go

secure the whole thing using Locking nuts.

Make sure it moves up and down .

Step 5: Handles

to make the handles i use a 4 inch long piece of metal and then welded a big Bolt to it. Cut it to size and grind it.

a bit of Black paint and presto.. You will need 3 Handles.

Step 6: Parts

This Parts I got From

The Big Metal Part and 3 wheels Two are 2 inch. they go on the metal plate the other its 3 inch by 2 and it goes on top. that is the tracking wheel.

Square tubing 2X2 Inches And 4 mm thick 3 pcs 13 inches long one 5 inches long and 1 4 inches long.

3 Pcs 1 1/2 Inches Square tubing and 2m thick.

The Motor is a 200 mm grinder With a 8 Inch Wheel.

And a Flat 3 inches Wide by 5mm thick and 8 Inches long ..

All that is missing is the Actual Belt, 2X72 Inches. and a coat of paint.

So go and Make something…..

Step 7: Tools & Safety Gear

This is what you need to make this …...

Step 8: She Is Done

All done. Belts are coming.

Step 9: Modifications

Had to change the tracking arm due to Belt not
Fitting So I made a new tracking wheel holder
And new Arm. This one goes sideways instead of just up