Introduction: 3 INGREDIENT OREO Milkshake

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Want to learn how to make this easy, thirst quenching drink, which is perfect for the hotter months?

Watch the video &/or follow the steps below, to be well on your way to having one of the tastiest drinks ever!

? Ingredients:
2 Large scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream

3 ice cubes

chocolate (shavings for decoration)

5 Oreos (plus more for decoration)

milk (to your liking)

Step 1: Oreos & Ice

Into a blender, add in your ice and Oreos.

Proceed to blend until you get a thick mixture.

Step 2: Milkshake Formation~

This is so easy, right?

All there is to now do is scoop in your ice-cream (I use Carte D'or Vanilla & Chocolate) but you can stick to plain Vanilla or plain Chocolate!

Then, because without it our milkshake would be way to thick (and lacking the 'milk') we must pour in some. There is no exact measurement for the milk but start of with a little as you can always add but never take away!

Blend for about 45 seconds - a minute or until completely liquid!

Step 3: And Serve!

There it is!

Too easy and super delicious!

Serve with some Oreo's and shaved chocolate to finish this off.

(Recipe can be multiplied to make more servings)