Introduction: 3-Ingredient Halwa

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Halwa is an traditional Indian dish. There are so many varieties of Halwa that are prepared in every state. Thirunelveli Halwa is the Halwa variety of Tamilnadu. They make it using the Wheat flour. And now we can make without wheat but making it using semolina(Sooji). Which also has a high nutritional content like wheat.

Step 1: Supplies

Semolina-1 cup (150 grams)

Water-4 cups(500ml)

Sugar-2 cups (300grams)

Clarified butter-1cup (50-75grams)

Dry fruits and nuts(optional)

Step 2: Soaking

Soak 1 cup of semolina in 5 cups of water for 2-3 hours.

Step 3: Filtering

Filter the soaked semolina and take the filtered water separately.

Step 4: Making Sugar Syrup

Take a sauce pan.

Add the sugar and water to the pan and boil it on a low flame.

Boil it till the syrup becomes Half string consistency.

Step 5: Mix the Filtered Water

Once the sugar syrup is ready mix the filtered semolina water and mix continuously.

Step 6: Caramelising the Sugar

In a pan take 5 tablespoons of sugar and 5 teaspoons of water.

Boil it until the sugar caramelises.

Once the sugar gets caramelised add it to the sugar and semolina mixture and mix well.

The caramelised sugar gives a rich taste and flavour.

Step 7: Add Clarified Butter

Image 1: The halwa reaches a sticky texture.

Image 2: Start adding the clarified butter.

Add the clarified butter little by little to the halwa and mix well.

Keep the flame at medium.

Step 8: Final Stage

Image 1: Add the dry fruits.

Image 2: Once the halwa starts to separate from the pan turn of the Flame.

Image 3: Transfer it to a bowl and garnish with some nuts.

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