Introduction: 3 Ingredients Rice Crispy

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It's my favorite childhood snack! Crunchy, sweet, and so simple!

Yes, you will only need 3 ingredients- but of course, I will let you know what other ingredients would go well with this little snack.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

-about 1.5 cups of small marshmallow

-14g butter

-2 cups of rice cereal

I always like to add some nuts to the snack as well, peanut, almonds, walnuts are all good choices! But they're totally optional.

Step 2: Make the Sugar Base

Heat your pan on low heat. Put the butter in and wait till it's melted.

Put all the marshmallows into the pan and keep stirring until all of them are melted and look like a sauce.

This sugar base will function as an adhesive to the rice cereal; it's a very simple process, just make sure you don't cook them on high heat to burn them.

Step 3: Shape the Snack

Put all the rice cereal into the pan as well and keep stirring until all the cereal form a whole piece. You can add nuts or other cereal (for example, corn cereals) during this step as well.

Turn off the heat, and transfer the sticky whole thing into a lightly sprayed tray. Put the tray into the fridge and wait for about 4 hours.

Step 4: Cut and Enjoy!

You can take the whole thing out pretty easily when it's dry and firm. Cut them into small pieces and store them air tight. Every body loves it -- crunchy and sweet, who wouldn't?

Hope you'll like this simple and easy recipe! And if you do, please vote for me in the 3 ingredients challenge, thanks!!

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