Introduction: 3 Minutes: Indoor Flowerpot Making


so here is a super quick guide for a great indoor flowerpot it's toked me less than 3 minutes to create them. The cool thing about them is that they not only easy to make but also a great solution for not leaking saucer, and also it's supply water to itself.

So have fun

I going to publish another two project of indoor plants, one also for small plant and the other is for a garden :)

Step 1: Choose a Bottle & Cut It

Now; here I used a bottle that not optimal for that and I explain why- the bottle that we want to use needs to be more equal to the bottom (like the other one in the photo where it's finished), mostly because it will look less like a bottle, but also because that way the inside bottom be more effective.


I don't have to much to explain cut it in a way that it will be a little bit more for the top of the bottle then the bottom (like in the photo).

I did the cutting in two steps- one a general cut with a knife, then I did alignment with a scissors.

Step 2: Make an Hole

Use a drill or hot screw/ screwdriver and then make three holes in the stopper.

That way the extra water that we having will go out and not kill the plant.

Step 3: Design

I like to do it a little "pop-art" so strong yellow over the bottom is a great way, you can spry it all/ part/ paint over that whatever you want.

Another option- use a sticker- it can give you a really great look, for example, look at the syringe I upload here from different project I did. So if you in a Baroque or Rococo style it's the solution for you (also a sticker can hide the bottle look).

Step 4: Let It Grow

Put soil in the pot, put the pot in the saucer, put in your plant and irrigate it until the stopper touching the water (it's fin even if it's not).

as long as there water in the saucer you don't really need to give it water again because of the humidity that the water in the saucer supply water for the soil and the plant.

I put here the difference after a week with that (I irrigated it only once).

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