Introduction: 3 Unusual Cover Ideas From Balloons

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Balloons have also other uses. In this instructable I have showed 3 unusual cover ideas from Balloons. These cover ideas may come in handy. These ideas will help you in protecting your mobile phone , Protecting CDs and DVDs by covering them , Making glass cover to avoid leakage and prevent water from getting dirty.

Step 1: Making Cup Cover

For making cup cover inflate balloon with air. Hold the open end gently press the balloon over the open end of the cup and slowly release the air. Keep on pressing the balloon from upper side. when the balloon will went out of air it will be completely fit on the upper end of cup forming air tight beautiful cup cover.

Step 2: For Remove Cup Cover

To remove the cup cover inflate the balloon with air. It will gently grow in size and balloon will pop up of the cup. You can use balloon again on cup. This is good hack for night. If you did not have cup cover use balloon to make one.

Step 3: Makeing CD or DVD Protector

CDs and DVDs are very important storing devices which even store our most glorious memories. If you did not want your memories to fade away make cd or dvd cover. to make CD or DVD Protector do following steps:

Take a disc you want to protect. Take a balloon and fill it with air. Hold the open end of balloon. Press the disk gently on the balloon and slowly release air. keep pressing the disk on to the balloon until balloon run out of air. The balloon will form a protecting covering around disc. Which will protect it from scratches and dust.

Step 4: For Removing Disc Protector

To remove the disc protector and use the disc. Blow the air into the balloon it will start to leave the surface of disc. When the sufficient air will fill up into the balloon. The balloon will pop up from CD or DVD's surface. After using disc you can put protector again.

Step 5: Making Mobile Cover

Often our mobiles back get dirty and rough to avoid this use balloon by converting balloon into mobile cover, to make this firstly fill the balloon with air. put mobile on filled balloon and press it on balloon while slowly releasing air from balloon. When all the air gets out of balloon it will form covering around Mobile. Cut the upper part of balloon as shown in the upper figure. Now the mobile cover is ready.

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