Introduction: How to Built Air Cooler at Home

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This is my model to make a Air Cooler. It is made up of cheap and easily available items.It reduce air temperature readily by using ice.


  1. 2 Coke 500ml bottles.
  2. 2 Pepsi aluminium tins.
  3. 1 1liter paint container.
  4. 1 on off button.
  5. 2 9v DC battery.
  6. 2 types of colored wires.
  7. 1 12v exhaust fan.
  8. ice.

Step 1: Making Ice Chamber

Ice chamber is a part of air cooler from where air will be coming in. In it the ice will be stored. To make Ice Chamber do following steps:

  • Take 2 500ml bottles of Coke.
  • Remove its sticker and cut as much part of bottle as shown in the upper figure.
  • Now,Take 2 tins of Pepsi and cut its upper surface.
  • Then fix bottle piece on top of tin and fix it there with hot glue gun.

Step 2: Making Central Body of Air Cooler

Central body of air cooler is a part which connects Ice Chamber and exhaust fan. It also stores Ice and had significant part in cooling air. To make central body of air cooler do following steps:

  • Take 2 plastic bottle caps and make holes in it.
  • Fix that caps in holes made in body of paint container as shown in figure.
  • Now apply hot glue gun between cap and container surface.
  • Fix Ice Chamber to fixed caps.
  • Create hole on the top of tin as shown in the figure , which is the area from where air will come in of ice chamber then air will travel to central body of air cooler.

Step 3: Installing Working Unit of Air Cooler

After making the body of air cooler. Now you need to set up its working unit. To make its working unit do following steps:

  • Take 12v computer CPU fan and attach it to top of paint container by hot glue gun.
  • Attach 2 9v batteries to container base by hot glue gun.
  • Attach 2 clips on the top of batteries.
  • Fix button with hot glue gun and attach wires with it as shown in the upper figure.
  • Now solder the joints.

Step 4: Final Step

Now, the air cooler is built the last step you need to do is to put in some ice in air cooler through ice chamber. Now enjoy air cooler and


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