Introduction: 3 Unusual Projects From Bottle Caps

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In this instructable ( 3 Unusual Uses of Bottle Caps ) I built following things :

  • Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner.
  • Liquid / Oil dropper.
  • Emergency Hand Washer.

These all are DIY projects. Which can be easily made at home. All the material used in them are easily available at home which mainly includes Plastic Bottle Caps. These things can be made by anyone who love creation. These stuff can enhance your capabilities as well as your creative skills. You can easily mold them by expressing a touch of your personality and skills. Remolding with something expressing your thoughts such as drawing or any creative ideas which can express a creator inside you. You can paint bottle caps with colors or pasting pasting pictures on them.

''These Projects are Raw Material for your Imagination''

Step 1: Bottle Cap Fidget Spinner

Materials Required:

Step 2: Lubricating the Bearing

Fidget spinner are most trending now a days. They are also used to reduce stress. Their specialty is that they spin for a long period of time. They are available in many different shapes and made up of many different materials. I made the classical shape of Fidget spinner from plastic (caps) and silicon (hot glue). To make extra spinning fidget spinner the bearing used in it should be more lubricated.

For Lubricating the Bearing:

  • Take a bearing of size 6000 (recommended) or smaller.
  • Remove the side cover of bearing from knife or cutter by applying pressure on its side.
  • Remove the cover from both sides.
  • Now use WD 40 spray on the bearings inner side.
  • Dry it with cloth.

After these steps the bearing is free from grease and smooth . It will make Fidget Spinner to spin for longer period of time from less force applied.

Step 3: Assembling

After gathering the materials and lubricating the bearing. The last step is to attach all the materials.

Assembling take place in following steps:

  • Put 3 plastic caps around bearing with 120 degree angles between each cap.
  • Fill Hot Glue in bottle caps to increase cap weight and increase momentum of cap because P=mv .
  • Also fill up hot glue in cap in the form of slope. Top edge of slope on the outer side of spinner to increase Centrifugal force.
  • Attach each cap one by one with outer end of bearing.
  • To strengthen the attachment join caps with each other from hot glue as shown in upper figure.

Now your Fidget Spinner is ready and stress is no more left.

Step 4: Working

Step 5: Making Liquid Dropper

Materials Required:

  • Toothpick.
  • Plastic bottle cap.
  • Matches.
  • bottle.

Sometimes while applying oil on hairs it splits to avoid this oil dropper is used. If it is not available you can make it at home. To make oil dropper do following steps:

  • Hold Plastic cap in one hand.
  • Hold matchstick on other hand and light it up and heat the bottom of cap.
  • Then push toothpick through the center of heated Plastic Cap.
  • After cooling the cap push toothpick out.
  • Cut the upper end of nozzle formed by toothpick.
  • Attach nozzle on the top of bottle.
  • Use dropper for Greasing, Oiling, Oil adding during cooking.

Step 6: Emergency Hand Washer

Material Required:

  • 20 ml Injection.
  • Plastic Bottle cap.
  • Plastic Bottle.
  • Hot Glue.


  • Cut the upper part of injection as shown in upper figure.
  • Make outline of injection on the back of Bottle cap.

Step 7: Assembling

Assembling of Hand Washer Take Place in following Steps:

  • Put injection in hole made in Cap.
  • Applied Hot Glue around it.
  • Fix Cap and injection on bottle.
  • Cut the end of Bottle for pouring water through it when bottle is attach upside down on the wall of Bathroom.

Step 8: Working

For its working Push the injection upwards and wash hand and when hand wash is done pull your hands away from injection and water coming out will start automatically.

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