Introduction: 3D Hot Glue Molds for Play Dough Models - FAIL

The plan is to make a simple, cheap and quick 3D Molds with hot glue for kids to play with play dough. To do that we made the mold of the chosen object in two halves using hot glue, fill the molds with play dough and press them tightly to replicate the object in play dough(remove the excess play dough).

After trying it out, I was not able to replicate object to be an identical one as that of the original object (not even close to it) Check it out yourself!!!

Step 1: Items Required

1) Glue Gun

2) Glue sticks

3) Model/Item that has to be formed into a mold

4) scissors

5) Baby Oil/ Almond Oil

6) Construction paper

7) Markers/pencil

8) Baby powder

Step 2: Making the Mold

1) Take the object which you would like to make a mold and place it on the construction paper.

2) Mark the middle of the object using the marker.(I marked horizontally)

3) Draw a rectangle/ square /circle around the object on the construction paper using the marker.

4) Remove the object from the paper and fill in the rectangle with hot glue.(increase or decrease the amount of hot glue depending upon the thickness of the half object)

4) Apply oil to the object and press the object in the hot glue.

5) Allow the hot glue to dry and then remove the object from the mold.

6) Cut the mold from the construction paper along the rectangle.

7) Now this mold can be used with modelling clay to replicate the same object.(sprinkle powder if required)

Step 3: The Fail

It was a failure due to the following reasons,

1) Making the play dough model was time consuming, tiresome and hard. Not easy as I thought

2) Need more professional tools and plans

3) Removing the original out of the the hot glue was hard (even after applying oil)

4) Distinct features of the original object was not captured in the mold (for example open mouth of the dog)

5) When the two halves were joined to form the object, it did not merge at the right positions

The take away from this failure is, 'known is a drop, unknown is an ocean'.

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