Introduction: 3D Logo Shop Sign

This is the method I used to make my shop logo sign, for my woodworking shop (garage) but the same process could be used to make any 3D sign.

If you want to see it being made in a timely way, check out my time lapse Youtube video at the top.


  • MDF 1x16x16
  • CNC (Shapeoko3)
  • 1/8 Inch Down Cut Bit
  • Sanding Sponges
  • Spray Paint
  • CA Glue

Step 1: Design & Cutting the Letters

I imported a SVG copy of my logo into carbide create. I had to change some sizes and separate some letters to make sure they would cut properly. This involved checking the design over and over to make sure everything would cut out cleanly. I am cutting the sign out of MDF wood so I have set the plunge and feed rate fairly high (I will list the tool path settings in the last step). If your using a different harder wood slow down the plunge and feed rate.

The full cut took two pieces of 16x16 MDF (one for letters and ring the other for back piece). The cutting took approximately a half hour.

Step 2: Sand the Letters and Back

First thing is to smooth out any rough edges and the face of all of the pieces. I work through different grits of sanding sponges starting at 150 and working through 180 and 220. Each grit is a fairly quick process, the MDF comes out fairly smooth right from the machine.

Step 3: Paint Each Piece

For my sign I wanted three different colors so i separated the pieces and spray painted the letters (white). For the ring (yellow) and the back (flat black) I used a foam roller because the paint is flat and I wanted a nice even finish. Everything got two coats of paint.

Step 4: Assemble

Lay out the sign the way you would want it to look and make small marks to help align it while it is being glued. Each piece will have to be glued individually. To make sure everything is even and straight use a square or straight edge as you glue.

You can use any glue you like to glue them together. I used CA Glue for mine because Starbonds glue with the accelerator dries in seconds. This way as soon as the letters are set its ready to hang without touch ups.

Step 5: Paint in the Fine Details

For my sign I chose to hand paint in the small lines rather than spend the tedious time sanding, painting and assembling such tiny pieces. I used a small art brush and carefully made the lines.

Step 6: Hang It Up & Enjoy

Hang it however you want I used a router to make a hanging hole but you can attach a hook. Enjoy your sign! This method works for any sign you can think of not just shop signs.

Tool Path Settings:

Stepover: 0.040

Depth Per Pass: 0.056

FeedRate: 60.000

Plungerate: 20.000

RPM: 9375.000

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