3D Modular Origami Dream Catcher



Introduction: 3D Modular Origami Dream Catcher

This Instructable is to teach how to make a 3d modular origami Dream catcher

Step 1: Material

3.Colour sheets( white, red, orange)(Total 12 sheets are required)(4 of each colour)

Step 2: Basic Folds

1-Take a square colored sheet of side 21 cm.
2-Make four crease for convenience such that crease divides the square in 4 equal rectangles.
3-Fold all 4 corners of square.
4-Fold any two opposite corners as given in 4th photo.
5-Then fold the two crease.
6-Make 12 such pieces.

Step 3: Joining

Step 4: Final Look

Step 5: Some of My Works

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