Introduction: 3D Paper Flower Greeting Card

Cracking your head thinking what to give your loves one on their birthday or anniversary?

Worry no more. Make your own 3D Greeting Card today with Paper Flowers to show your greatest creativeness and love to them!

All you need is just follow the simple steps shared by me =)

Step 1: Preparing Tools and Materials


1. A pairs of Scissors.
2. A Ruler.
3. A Pencil.
4. A Marker Pen.
5. A Glue.
6. An Eraser.


1. A piece of Yellow Color Cardboard. (20cmx30cm)

2. A piece of Blue Color Crepe Paper. (20.5cmx25.5cm)

3. 15 pieces of Color Paper Roses.
(Note: Refer to Step 2 for the making procedure.)

4. A piece of Red Color Ribbon with White Bead (25cm long)

5. 4 - 6 pieces of Dried Leaf Sticks (25cm long)

6. 4 pieces of Blue/ Purple Color Paper Strips. (1cmx25cm)

Step 2: Making of Paper Flowers

1. Fold 1 Color Paper Strip (1cmx25cm) into a L-shape.

2. Fold the Vertical side of the paper strip into half.

3. Fold the Horizontal side of the paper strip a little, towards the half-folded Vertical side to be the "Heart" of the Rose.

4. Fold a small part of the Horizontal side on the Right to make an Angle as the "Petal" of the Rose.

5. Repeat Step 4 until you get at least 4 layers of Flower Petals.

6. Tighten the Flower Petals by gently pressing it.

7. Lastly, tidy the end of the Color Paper Strip before gluing it.

Note: Repeat Steps 1 to 7 for the other 14 Roses.

Step 3: Designing Your Flower Bouquet

1. Arrange the 15 Color Paper Roses that you have made earlier on a piece of White Paper.

(Suggested Arrangement: 3 Rows, 5 Paper Roses per Row.)

2. Roll the White Paper until you form a bundle of Paper Roses.

3. Fold the bottom side of the White Paper to hold the Flower Bundle in place.

4. Fold the Blue Color Crepe Paper with 1:3 ratio.

5. Hold the Crepe Paper in hand while placing 4 Dried Leaf Sticks and the Flower Bundle into the Crepe Paper.

6. Fold the Left and Right sides of the Crepe Paper inward to wrap the Flower Bundle and make some folds to create the layering effect of the Paper.

7. Lastly, finish the Flower Bouquet with a Red Color Ribbon and White Bead.

Step 4: Designing Your 3D Greeting Card

Design 1 (Photo 1 & 2)

1. Decorate the 3 sides (Left, Top, Right) of the Yellow Color Cardboard with Purple Color Paper Strips.

2. Paste the Paper Flower Bouquet at the Center of the Card.

3. Lastly, decorate the Left side of the Card with 2 Purple Paper Flowers and Dried Leaf Sticks.

Design 2 (Photo 3 & 4)

1. Decorate all 4 sides (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) of the Yellow Color Cardboard with Blue Color Paper Strips.

Note: 4 Thick, 4 Thin

a) Thick -- Original measurement. (1cmx25cm each)
b) Thin -- 1/20 of the Original measurement.

2. Paste the Paper Flower Bouquet at the Center of the Card.

3. Cut a piece Blue Color Paper into 10 to 20 squares and paste them on the Card.

4. Lastly, write your best wishes eg. Happy Birthday using Marker Pen on the Blue Color Paper squares.

Your Lovely and Wonderful 3D Paper Flower Greeting Card is DONE !!! =)

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