Introduction: DIY Chessboard to Chase Away Your Boredom

Too free and feeling bored? Wondering how to spend your free time?

Introducing you this super easy and interesting DIY chessboard, made use of unwanted plastic bottle caps and polystyrene, which will surely trigger your enthusiasm in handcrafting something useful and fun from the unwanted items.

Not forgetting to share your joy and excitement when you play your handmade chess with your friends and family!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. A piece of Used Polystyrene

2. 24 piece of Mineral Water Bottle Caps

(10 pieces in White color , 10 pieces in Green color, 4 with different color from the earlier 20 pieces i.e. Green/ Blue color)

3. 4 sheet of A4 size Light Orange Color Papers

4. A piece of Dark Brown Color Cardboard (from Mooncake Box)

5. 2 piece of Printed Chessmen 2D Images


1. Ruler

2. Scissors

3. Razor

4. Glue

5. Pen

6. Marker Pen

Step 2: Preparation of the Base of the Chessboard

Measure and Cut the Polystyrene into 40cm x 40cm to be the base of the Chessboard.

Step 3: Wrapping of the Polystyrene

1. Cut a sheet of A4 size Light Orange Color Paper into 2 pieces with measurement of 12.5cm x 21cm.

2. Paste the cut pieces with 2 full pieces of A4 Light Orange Color Paper on the prepared Polystyrene.

3. Glue the 4 sides of the polystyrene.

Step 4: Decorating the Chessboard

1. Measure and sketch lines on the Light Orange Color Paper with the following measurement:

The outline : 36.5cm x 36.5 cm

Total of 64 squares : 8 squares horizontally x 8 square vertically

Per square: 4.4cm x 4.4cm

2. Darken the lines with Marker Pen.

3. Cut 24 piece of squares from the Dark Brown Color Cardboard (from Mooncake box) with the measurement 4.4cm x 4.4cm.

4. Paste the 24 piece of square based on the following mode.

- 12 piece of square on the Left.
- 12 piece of squares on the Right.

Refer to Image 5 for the arrangement.

Step 5: Preparing Chessmen

1. Search online and print out 24 Chessmen images (Black and White).

2. Cut all the 2D Chessmen images using a scissors.

3. Arrange the cut images in order on flat surface.

Step 6: Making of the Chessmen

1. Gently glue each Chessmen onto the Mineral Water Bottle Cap.

- White color Chessmen to be glued on Green Color Bottle Cap.

- Black color Chessmen to be glued on White Color Bottle Cap.

2. The King and Queen of the White team are to be glued on Blue Color Bottle Cap.

Meanwhile the King and Queen of the Black team are to be glued on the Green Color Bottle Cap.

Step 7: Final Step: Arranging the Chessmen

Lastly, arrange all the ready-made Chessmen on the Chessboard and DONE!!


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