Introduction: 3D Paper Quilling Chair Table With Fruit Basket

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Dear Friends,

I fall in love of Paper Quilling.

I saw beautiful paper quilling projects in internet, and plan to make a beautiful 3D paper quilling chair Table with fruit basket, and quilled flower vase.

There are some basic shapes I used with different colours and size to give the whole look.

Making shapes are not difficult, and designs will vary person to person as per their thinking...

So lets Start.

For this project we need:

1. Quilling Paper strips

2. Glue

4. Paper quilling tools ( slotted pen, shaping molds, tweezers, scissors) etc

Step 1: Different Types of Shapes

Here I will show how to make different shapes using quilling strips.

Quilling Roll :

>Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool;

>Start rolling

>glue the last part

there are two types of roll, tight roll and loose roll, as per design requirement

>For a tight coil: When almost done coiling, place glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. And remove it from the tool.

>For an loose coil: Finish the coil, then remove it from the tool and allow it to expand. Once it has fully expanded, add glue and press the strip carefully to secure.

Petal shape: Take a slightly lose coil & pinch the both end to form petal shape like the picture.

Dome shape: Use a quilling mold to create a dome shape.

Step 2: Arrange Different Shapes - Making Table

Arrange different shapes as shown in picture, to make the table.

For table stand, I use one light green colour dome shape.

Step 3: Making of Chair

1)I made the big circle using a medium size bottle, by wrapping the quilling strips and gluing the end part.

for coconut tree, need 6 petal shape and one triangular shape (very loose roll, then press one end, make two corner using both hand to give a triangle shape).

need some yellow tight rolls to decorate, and one dome as a stand.

See the pictures for final look.

Step 4: Making Flower Vase

1) make a big dome using quilling mold, ( i made it by hand).

2) make flowers as shown in the pictures.

3) arrange them and give the final look

Step 5: Making Fruit Basket

1) i made basket using 5 mm quilling strips. Make a tight roll first and give a dome shape with less depth.

2) purple colour tight rolls for grapes

3) green petals shape for leaves

4) Red dome for apple

5) yellow dome shape foe lemon

6) arrange as shown with glue

Step 6: Final Look

Now my mini quilling furniture is ready, and this is the final look.

Hope you enjoy the project.

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Bye Bye

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