Introduction: 3D Printed Squared Rings or Earrings

The multitude of variables that can be manipulated with 3D printing software is enough to boggle the mind and for beginner projects to end up as a pretty pile of spaghetti. Sticking with the simplicity of a square ring results in elegance and success! The available PLA plastics including metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and color changing elevate your craft to the next level.
In the photographed example by Chip Doring, 1.75mm white and gold “silk” was chosen for a metallic luster. He took inspiration from the lines that layers form while printing. He added structural supports in the printing design to manipulate the printing to give a diagonal dimension to the form.


Dremel 3D 20 printer (or similar)
1.75mm PLA filament

For earring option: “Fish Hook“ or “Lever Back“ earring wires

Step 1: Prepare Your Design

Square rings are hot because their angles are 90 degrees! But seriously, they are quite comfortable and the wearer will take no notice of the rounded corners. Important note- your square ring will need to be made one size larger than usually worn.
Design possibilities are endless with a wide spectrum of colored plastics. Each one can be completely unique from playful to sophisticated. Color changing plastic is even available if you would like a mood ring!
In this design, the support pieces under the rings are unnecessary to the assembly but are added to specify the direction of the layers for the diagonal effect.

Step 2: Printer Settings

The printer was set at 0.1mm layers, 50% fill density, and half speed printing for a super high-density detailed printing.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Filament color may be changed mid-print but must be watched carefully. Stopping it at the exact moment for symmetry can be tricky. Estimated time is 1.5hrs.
If the project is to make earrings then attach Fish Hook or Lever Back earring hardware to top of plastic post for dangly effect.
You will find this to be a fantastic beginning 3D printing project and a perfect gift for the engineer, cabinet maker, tile setter, or picture framer in your life!