Introduction: 3D Printing

This Instructable will go over how to print 3D items from websites.

(This is an image of what I have created with the 3D Printer. The blue thing is a Raspberry Pi case and the other is a cookie cutter.)

Step 1: Ideas

I brainstormed some ideas of what I could print with the 3D printer and then I looked through Thingiverse to see what others had created. I then thought of two different things that I can create, which was a Raspberry Pi Case and a cookie cutter. You can look for these objects on Thingiverse and print their creation. Once you find a creation that you want to print select Download and make sure the file is in stl. format. You need make sure that the file is in stl. format because the printer won't be able to print it.

Step 2: Design Your Own Thing

If you want to create your own thing or customize an object you found on Thingiverse then use Tinkercad. If you use Tinkercad select "Start Tinkering Now", which will take you to a basic grid. You will first go through a tutorial and it will show you how to use all of the tools and features. Then once you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to create or design you object.