Introduction: 3D Printing - Table Foot Replacement

I would like to share my experience in 3D printing on replacing the wooden cork used as table foot. Glad i finally did it after so many years. Upgrade from simple DIY 10 years ago to higher tech now with a 3D printer. How time flies!

Step 1: Create 3D Model

Take measurements and create your 3D model.

You can print one at a time, or create all of them in a single solidworks part file.

Generally, the area of the base should be bigger than the cross-sectional area of the leg for increased stability.

I opted for a square base with fillet edges than slowly morphs into the hollow cylinder to have the leg of the table inserted into it.

Step 2: Let the Printing Begins!

Printing at 340microns, fill density 20%.

Not sure why, this red PLA seems to print better than the white one used in my previous projects.

If anyone has similar observations, please share and confirm with me.

I bought my filaments from here:

Step 3: Remove and Replace for Comparison

Pretty good huh? :)

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