Introduction: 3D Spider(Fusion 360) to a Realistic Sculpted Spider!

hello my name is Juan and today I want to present you how to design this amazing spider from the 3D model designed with fusion 360 and give it life as a sculpture

I started recently using fusion 360 and helped me a lot to have a model on which to build this spider, no matter how terrifying it can be, are an amazing animals that help maintain balance in the environment

I hope you enjoy this project just as I enjoy it


-1 PC or Laptop

-Fusion 360

-1 Bottle of black paint

-2 Styrofoam ball

-1 Red glue

-1Knife or cutter

-2 meters of wire

-2 bags of black modeling clay

-1 white glue

Step 1: Design in Fusion 360

First open Fusion 360 in your pc or laptop. Click on the Create menu on the toolbar and select Create Form or simply click on the purple cube icon on the Create menu.

Step 2: Create a Sphere

Click on the Create menu and choose sphere from the menu , then after creating the sphere, let's edit the shape by selecting the polygons to edit, the height will be reduced and the width lengthened

Step 3: Modeling the Thorax

to model the thorax, first I shaped it by lengthening the width and decreasing the height, with this in mind you can move other polygons to start shaping, for example where the head goes, extrude from the body.

After this step you can modify the shape of the spider as you wish.

Step 4: Thorax

following the last steps the main body will be finished, now it doesn't seems the shape of the body spider, this is because it will take the final shape during the process of sculpture.

Step 5: Spider Leg (Profile and Path)

in the fisrt photo i drawing a circle (profile), where we want to start the bottom side of the leg, it should be a small diameter.

in the second photo we draw a perpendicular line from the center of the circle(path), this line will define where the leg goes

profile and path is the configuration in the sweep tool and will be explained in the following steps

Step 6: Spider Leg (Guide Rail)

in this step you need to draw another line, it delimits the thickness of the leg, it has to touch the edge of the circle

and now we use the sweep tool to combine all the lines in order to create the leg

Step 7: Spider Leg(sweep Tool)

now after we create these lines we can use the sweep tool that serves to create a new 0bject based on the lines created, you only have to select the lines in the right option and the first leg will be created

in the pictures I explain the configurations used

Step 8: Left Legs

now that we have the finished leg, we will copy it and paste and we can create the other legs

Step 9: Position of the Legs

now we'll accommodate the angle of the legs to seems like a real position of the spider.

Step 10: Right Legs

now we have to select all the left side legs to be copied and pasted, when pasted they will appear in the same place and it will seems that it did not stick, it will have to select, rotate and accommodate as a mirror of the right side

Step 11: Spider Abdomen

we'll create a malleable object (sphere) that will be the spider's abdomen,and we will select the polygons needed to lengthen the figure and accommodate above the previous figure created

Step 12: Modeling the Abdomen

we will repeat steps 2 and 3 to be able to model the abdomen of the spider and give it the desired shape, selecting polygons and giving it a shape similar to the picture attached

Step 13: Complete Spider

this would be the completely finished spider already with all the objects joined and accommodated, this would be the idea that we designed in Fusion 360 to be able to sculpt it based on this design

Step 14: Cut the Styrofoam Ball

We will have to cut the ball and shape like the 3D model, just need a knife or cutter and then you will begin to reduce the shape of the ball

we cut a single ball, we cut 1/4 from the sphere that will be for the thorax and the other piece for the abdomen

Step 15: Details the Thorax

now we will add detail so that it does not remain square, we will cut the corners to round the object

Step 16: Cut the Abdomen

we will repeat the last step to shape of the abdomen so that it is the same as the 3D model

Step 17: Cover the Abdomen With Modeling Clay

we will cover the abdomen with clay, trying to make it smooth

Step 18: Cover the Thorax With Clay

We will cover the thorax with clay trying to make it smooth and adding detail such as the eyes and the marks above

Step 19: Adding More Details to Thorax

We will add more details with the clay like those fangs, and we will put the red glue on the eyes

Step 20: Legs Wire

now we will cut the wire to 20 cm, and repeat this step 8 times (one per each leg), with the 8 pieces we will fold them as the 3D model

Step 21: Cover the Legs With Clay

we will cover the legs with clay trying to make it smooth and adding spikes where the leg folds

Step 22: Smoothing the Pieces

We will cover all the pieces with white glue to smooth the material, taking care do not touch the red glue

Step 23: Painting the Spider

We will use black paint to give more contrast to the color of the spider

Step 24: Legs Assembly

Now with all the pieces finished, we put together the legs and the thorax and cover with clay so that they do not come off, when it is dry we will put white glue and we add black paint

Step 25: Finish

Finally we will stick the abdomen and thorax and it will be finished

And now you have an amazing spider to share with family and firends!!!

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