Introduction: 3d Face Artwork

This is to show the basics to make a 3d style papercraft art piece. The basics of planning, and laying out layers.


You will need

multiple prints of the face you want to do on cardstock. I printed 6 copies

Foam board, 1/2" and 1/4"

Modge podge Glue

Xacto Blade Knife

A board or piece of wood to mount it all too

Optional, framing or plexi glass front

Step 1:

When you plan each layer think how a face sticks out. The light pink items are you base layer. Each darker shade is another layer. The lightest layer contains all other colors. The next shade of pink contains all colors except the lightest and so on. You can also see in the darker shade there is holes to see the lighter shade layers below, example the eyes and lips around the mouth.

Step 2:

Cut out each layer with an xacto blade. After all layers are cut out, cut blocks from the foam board to seperate the layers. Make sure the foam is not right on the edges, or you may see it messing up the illusion. Modge podge the foam board to the back of each layer. You can use different thicknesses of foamboard to make different parts stick out further. After they dry, add more glue to the foam backs, time to layer you pieces together. I would let each layer dry before going to the next. Place something heavy on top to hold it flat till it dries.

Step 3:

Here are some finished examples. The one is framed in with pexiglass to keep the art from gathering dust or getting damaged. Hope you like it!

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