4 Sides Dice From Regular Dice

Introduction: 4 Sides Dice From Regular Dice

Last Xmas I gifted my girlfriend a penguin trap boardgame.

Turns are based in a 4 options roulette, but it's uncomfortable, and the options are not clearly divided, so I thinked in 4 side dice, but I has no tetraedrical ones.

When I reclaimed a dice from an old and broken game which can't use in another game cause it has his own icons I thinked in a way to use on the penguin one. I only need to "nullify" two sides, so I made them unstable with a pair of screws.

Viewing the finished image is easy to imagine how it is made, but I made some photos.

Step 1: Erasing Previous Images

If you don't like the images on the dice, just sand a bit with a fine sand paper until they disappears.

Step 2: Making a Hole

choose any face and drill a hole in the center, until it pass through.

To trace the center use any 45° tool, per example, an carpenter angle tool, protractor or a folded corner of a paper .

Be carefull and don't tilt, it must be centered in both sides.

Step 3: Inserting the Screws

I used a shortened wall plugs for the screws to avoid damage the dice.

In the image I show the regular ones for comparation.

Step 4: Optional: Remarking the 4 Sides

Just to illustrate I put stickers on the rest of the faces to write on them

I will use coloured stickers in the final version to use the dice in the game.

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    5 years ago

    great idea ! Btw, if you had come with an hint on how to found the exact center it would have been helpfull :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    I added a photo and description showing the method I used.

    It's a bit harder hold it to take the photo, I hope it is clear enough :)