Introduction: 40oz/32oz Hydroflask Bike Water Bottle Holder/Cage

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I'm not hardcore about my bike nor about bike stuff, but I do care about having a good water bottle with me when I ride. I had a 3d printed bottle holder before, but my bottle kept rattling around no matter how tight I cinched the strap. So I made this bottle cage in Fusion 360 for everyones favorite stereotypical temp-insulated bottle, Hydroflask! It fits 40oz and 32oz Hydroflask (and probably off-brand) bottles perfectly. The bottom locks into place and my design uses a velcro strap to hold it tight, which provides quick access and allows smaller diameter bottles to be strapped down. Now you can stay hydrated during your long (or short) bike rides with a drink that stays cold (or hot)!


Filament (I used Carbon Fiber PLA, but normal PLA, PETG or ABS/ASA will likely work fine)

A bike, because this is a bike bottle cage ;)

A bike tool or 4mm hex driver

1" x 12" velcro strap

Step 1: 3d Printing

You can find the model files here:

Main print settings: at least 3 perimeters, 20% cubic infill, 0.2 mm layer height

Print in whatever filament at whatever temp at whatever speed you prefer.

PETG or ABS/ASA is probably best, especially if you plan on printing it in a dark filament, as those two materials have higher temperature resistance compared to PLA. While mine is printed in Proto Pasta Carbon Fiber PLA and looks absolutely amazing, I am a little concerned that it will deform when in direct sunlight for too long, being a matte black PLA, but it's holding up ok for now.

Once it's printed, feed the velcro strap through the slot in the back. The fit will be tight, but just slowly push it until you can pull it from the other side.

Step 2: Remove the Screws

First locate where you want to put your bottle cage; I chose to attach it to my front screws inside my triangle. Unscrew the screws and put them somewhere you won't lose them.

Step 3: Choose Your Hole Placement

I made three holes in the cage, so you can either have the bottle higher or lower on the bike, or just to accommodate for different bike frames. I chose to set it lower, but it's all about personal preference.

Step 4: Screw It In

Align the cage's holes with the appropriate screw holes and screw the bolts until fairly tight, but not so much that you crack the plastic.

Step 5: Finished!

Now use it! This cage is great because the bottle actually doesn't rattle around or make any sound when riding. And now you can enjoy ice-cold water during your entire ride!

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