Introduction: Playing Card Slingshot

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I saw this video where a professional card thrower showed some people how you can use a rubber band to "throw" a playing card with surprising accuracy and power. I decided to design this simple his simple slingshot to keep the rubber band from slipping, making it even easier to fire playing cards. The slots are designed for a size 64 rubber band. While this thing safe enough for indoor play and could be considered a toy, this should be treated with caution and care. Never fire directly at someone's face or in their general direction. I couldn't include a video of it in action since I don't have a Youtube page, but trust me, it works really well.


Filament (I used some Carbon Fiber PLA)

Size 64 rubber band

A deck of playing cards

Maybe some targets?

Step 1: Printing + Assembly

If you print "slingshot.stl" use at 4 perimeters and 25% infill. If you print "slingshot_solid.stl," 2 perimeters and 20% infill is perfectly fine. As mentioned in the supplies, I used carbon fiber PLA, so mine was exceptionally stiff.

Assembly is simple: cut the rubber band into one long strand, thread each end through the corresponding hole from the side facing you, and knot each end (like in the photo).

Step 2: Firing Your Slingshot!

Grab a playing card and your slingshot. Align the playing card in the middle of the rubber band. Make sure the band is about one-ish centimeter away for the end of the card (second photo). Pinch the playing card in the rubber band and pull back until the band is taught. Let go of the rubber band while smoothly moving your slingshot arm slightly outward. The card should spin delightfully!

And that's it! I hope this was informative, and if you liked this, be sure to share it with others.

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