48" K'Nex Christmas Tree

Introduction: 48" K'Nex Christmas Tree

I've been making some form of a K'Nex Christmas tree since high school. As I collected more pieces, I started making it taller. It's right around 48" now. The tree requires a lot of pieces. Some of my design choices are made because I don't have as many specific types of pieces as I would like.

Step 1: The Base

Step 2: The Trunk

With most of the pictures I'm showing you one of the four sides of the tree.

Step 3: The Corner Branches

The corner branches are largely what help keep the tree balanced. You will need four of the corner branches (I only show one in some of the pictures).

Step 4: The Branches

These bring the tree to life. If I had more pieces, I would make the bottom level branches simpler.

Step 5: The Star

No Christmas tree is complete without the topper. I'm using a star here.I

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The lights on it look great, and the tree makes a nice addition to the holidays :)


7 years ago on Introduction

This is really cool! Great job! I like it.

Lucas The Boss
Lucas The Boss

7 years ago

Wow this is really cool actually!