4x4x4 LED Cube, With MSP430, Using Only 3 Pins

Introduction: 4x4x4 LED Cube, With MSP430, Using Only 3 Pins

This is my 4x4x4 led cube project, done with MSP430, using only 3 pins of MSP, the circuit diagram is shown in the photos, the hardware consists of 3 shift registers, 74595, and 4 NPN transistors...

you can learn how to make a 4x4x4 LED cube by instructables or youtube or some other sites, its easy to make...
but make sure that you make exact same connections as shown in the cicuit diagrams... or else this code won't work in the new hardware...

the hardware can be built as shown in the circuit diagram...

the code is given below, you can changes it and make your own animation with it....

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7 years ago

According to what I have put tohether a video led diodes?

What resistors were used ?

Can you send me the diagram ? because on that which is on instructables can not see well. Thank you


Reply 2 years ago

I am very sorry tomi, i couldnt reply you 5 years back. i must have missed the notification or I might have been very busy... sorry for that, I hope you rectified the problem that you had...


Question 2 years ago

hello, can you help me ? the light LED turn on very weak on my project.


Answer 2 years ago

Hello Bruno,

if you want to increase the intensity of the LED glow then you should use a lower value of resisters at the base of the transistors, try using 500 Ohm (or 470 Ohm) resistors instead of 1K Ohm resistors.

this problem can also be because of low power supply, so if changing the resistors will not work, then try any external power source like 5 volts, 1 Amp adapter.

Best of luck for your project...

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