Introduction: 5 Minute Earrings

These are easy 5 minute earrings made only using wire cutters.

Step 1: Collecting Supplies

Grab some wire cutters, 2 pieces of 8 cm long wire, and 2 beads of your choice ( make sure the wire can go through your beads). :)

Step 2: Getting Started

Grab 1 piece of wire and put it through the bead, then fold the wire on both sides of the bead like you see in the picture. Don't fold it in the middle, fold the wire a little less than half way so that there is a longer side and a shorter side then repeat these steps to the other earring. :)

Step 3: Creating the Shape

Now fold both the sides in so that they touch right on top of the bead. This step is a little hard to understand so you can look at the picture to help you. :)

Step 4: So Close!

Grab the shorter piece of wire and coil it around the longer piece. :)

Step 5: You Did It!

Now at the top with the remaining piece of wire using wire cutters or you fingers curve the piece of wire so that it forms an earpiece. I hope you like these earrings. :)

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