555 Timer IR Blocker

Introduction: 555 Timer IR Blocker

Here is a IR blocker that will block any remote from interacting with your TV. Tune it to 36-38kHz. Just point it at the TV and it will overwhelm the IR sensor,

Step 1: BOM

Bill of Materials:

Label Part Type Properties
C1 Ceramic Capacitor capacitance 10nF; voltage 20V
J1 Piezo Speaker
LED1 Infrared LED Infrared
R1 Rotary Potentiometer resistance 10kΩ
R2 Resistor resistance 100Ω
R3 Resistor resistance 470Ω
R4 Resistor resistance 1kΩ
U1 555 Timer package DIP8
VCC1 Battery & Connector voltage 9V

Step 2: The Schematic

The speaker is not needed for this project and is optional.

Step 3: The Frequency

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    7 years ago

    your led is inverted