Introduction: Annoy Your Kids With a 555 Timer

555 instructables build night at GeeksOK

The 555 Timer Night...Uh... week.....Uh....Two Weeks. 

You ever have one of those times when you are over confident? i sure did with the 555 timer night. I figured I would build a basic timer circuit and then modify it to suit my needs. I was wrong! Now to put some perspective on it, I was a bit tired. The night before build night we burnt the midnight oil. It was members night at GeeksOk. It was not really midnight, it was 3:30am when I left the shop. Many of the members could not sustain two late nights in a row, but five of us plodded along. We few, building circuits and the one guy that did not stay out late the night before pointing out the many errors like "heypin one is not connected to ground".

The guy across from me having more success then I, he had his led blinking, well sort of anyway . I however could not get a peep out of the tiny speaker or piezo buzzer. After many restarts we joined together to just get one project to work. Here is the picture of the finished build. We used the potentiometer to change the frequency to right out of old guy hearing range but it was great to drive the teenagers in the room nuts. 

Step 1: The Parts

Bill of Materials:

Label Part Type Properties
C1 Ceramic Capacitor capacitance 10nF; voltage 20V
J1 Piezo Speaker
LED1 Infrared LED Infrared
R1 Rotary Potentiometer resistance 10kΩ
R2 Resistor resistance 100Ω
R3 Resistor resistance 470Ω
R4 Resistor resistance 1kΩ
U1 555 Timer package DIP8
VCC1 Battery & Connector voltage 9V

Step 2: The Circuit

The schematic was built with Fritzing.

Step 3: The Test

Step 4: The Frequency