Introduction: 5L Beer Can Stove 2.0 From All Scrabs

This is the 2nd time I build a stove from a beer barrel, the last one was cheaper made BITBURG, recycled to trash, this Heineken is way stronger made, I think it will last much longer even forerve=r

Step 1: Cut

Kind of enjoy this step, takes longer and flares like a pro...

be careful to your hands and eyes, ware google.

Step 2: Build a Grill

Bend, drill holes and insert, quite easy as shown.

Step 3: A Perfect Tool for Big Holes

The drill bids worked great!

Step 4: Best Idea Every Had

as we have the mini drill to cut, this was easy too, and amazingly effective, I atatched the tomato can without a scew, see details of how to lock them from outside and inside.

Step 5: Handle.

Sometimes you may think it isn't necessary, but release one hand makes sense while you are moving everything out from your kitchen to yard.

Step 6: Test Run

Here I thought it was finished, however in the test run, I found when I put the wok on, I got more smoke than leaving a vent up. then keep coming the best part as following

Step 7: What Do You Call This?

Support to the wok made by the rest of the cutting. quite easy and very functional, I almost believe I am a genius. ;-D

Step 8: Finished One, Working!

Very interesting plate to ensure a solid base of the stove, everything goes perfectly fine!

Fried fish, veggies, and onion. no waste of carbon, bonch of fire, and well-controlled flame.