Introduction: 6 Easy Projects From TRASH

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Well, we all have some sort of trash items in our houses. So , let’s start to recycle them! For these projects you don't have to be experienced and all. These projects can be done even by beginners. So simply grab your supplies and get on with these!

Caution: "This instructable contains a lot of images"


Here are some basic materials:

Colour papers





Step 1: Soapbox to a Showcase Camera!

We all need cameras- To keep a track our memories, For making films and etc etc...

This showcase camera is made from a soapbox with a little attachments.It really looks cool when you keep it near your room or your office desk. If you’re a cameraman then you’ll love this project!So let’s start.

So ,for this project you need:

A soapbox ( according to the size of the camera),Color papers,Glue,Sketches and a spring(you can get this from a click pen).

Start off by cutting the end strips of your soapbox. Then wrap some of your favourite colour papers around the soapbox.Even,cover the side part of the soapbox.

Now, let’s add the button to take the picture!

Glue a spring on top of the soapbox and and a paper (which actually looks like a button)on the spring.

Coming to the lens you need to cut a ring shaped paper and again add a paper( which looks like an eyeball)on the ring.Glue this to your Camera.

Finally add the details for the camera to make it attractive. That's it, you’re done.
You can even add a strip which is used to carry a camera to make it look more professional .

Step 2: Cap of a Container to Badges.

Want to decorate your bags or pouches? Here it is!

These badges are made from the caps of containers.These badges are best used for attaching to backpack.

If you have smaller caps it would be used to attach to a purse.If you have even smaller ones you can attach it to your clothes!So let's start.

For this project you need: A cap,colour papers,glue,ruler,scissors,sketches.

Start off by taking a color paper. Cut it, so that it matches the area of the cap.Design a picture ora n emoji.Well, I love emojis, so I have designed an emoji. Glue it to the cap.We are halfway done!

Now comes the tricky part(a little). Now, roll a newspaper into a tube and cut it about 3 cm (according to the size of the cap). Insert a Safety pin inside the hole formed by the tube of the newspaper.Glue this part to the back of the cap. Done!

You can attach this to your backpacks or purses.

Step 3: Old T-shirt to Drawstring Bags(No Sew)

Man ,this is my favourite diy in these projects.Drawstring bags are something like pull bags. They are even called as favor bags. These bags are so fun to make.You can just pull the string to close the bag.You can replace your spectacle boxes to these.Or just store some basic stuff like your phone and some mini things.

The best to use this is to fill this bag with candies and chocolates and gift it to your children on their birthday!

So let’s start making the drawstring bags.

For this project you require:An old t-shirt,woollen threads, a sticker or a picture ,scissors ,glue and something to store!

Firstly, grab an old t-shirt and cut your desired piece of fabric.Cut the fabric from an end to get it double layered.

When you unfold the fabric you must get double layer as shown in the picture. Now,fold at the ends so that you have enough space to insert the thread. Now,iron it.You get a clear wrinkle free fabric now. Insert the thread on the folded line.Don't glue the thread. Now , glue the folded part except the thread.

Now, glue the sides of the fabric to get the original form which you have cut at the starting point. Now,it forms a bag like structure.Now, you have to simply knot the thread at one end of the bag. Done!


When you pull the opposite side of the knotted thread you get it closed.

Decoration: When you're gifting this to someone paste something what they like.Kids like superhero characters,or cartoon characters. Paste them so that they'll love these bags.

Step 4: Toothpaste Box to Pen Stand!

Don't have a pen stand? Make this!

This is so so simple project to try at home.This project is simple but is very effective.This looks more cool when you decorate it more carefully.

Materials:Toothpaste box,color papers,scissors,glue, ruler ,sketches,

Take a toothpaste box and cut to your required size to store the pens or sketches.

When you're done with it wrap around a color paper and glue it.Glue the color paper on the bottom part also.


There you go, You have it!

Step 5: Waste Toothpaste and Soap Boxes to a Truck With a Storage Space!

Trucks generally carry goods,but this truck carries your things!

This is a little complex project.This is a showcase plus a storage truck.

To make this project you need:Two toothpaste boxes,One soapbox,Newspaer tubes and the basic stuff.

First up is to design the project.So here's the plan.

We're gonna align two toothpaste boxes on one another and the soap box as the front part.

Then cut a curved part on the soap box and on the bottom part of the toothpaste box to insert the wheels to it.

Wheels: Generally for wheels we have to insert boottle caps, but i didn't had them. So,I rolled the newspaper tubes into wheels.To insert the wheels please refer to the images.I used a tube of newspaper and attached the wheels at the ends and again attached them to the boxes. If you use the old parts of rc cars and trucks you get a good form. Bottle caps are also cool as wheels.

Now,glue the soapbox and the toothpaste boxes .You get a Truck now.

For decoration I used a yellow colored paper for the back part and a white and a yellow paper for the front part.

The storage space is in side the toothpaste boxes!

Now you're done! Keep it near your table or in the shelf. It would look amazing!

Step 6: Old Newspapers to a Piperoid Robot!

This is just a piperoid robot to add it in your showcases.These piperoids are actually a some sort of lego for kids in Japan.They try to insert the tubes to the joints to form a piperoid.This is also a little complex to do.After you're done with making newspaper tubes and the head of th robot, this project doesn't need glue.

Let's start.

Materials required:Newspaer tubes ,Old papers,scissors,blade,a punching machine,ruler,glue.

Start by rolling the old newspapers to newspaer tubes.The tubes must not be so thick.If they will be, it will be difficult to drill holes.Once you're done with making the newspaper tubes cut the enough amount of tubes for making the hands,legs and joints.Joints are the parts where we insert the tubes through them by drilling holes.

Now drill holes in the joints to insert the hands,legs and the head.

To make the head of the piperoid take a clear white sheet of paper and make it into a cube.Don't forget to drill holes. Now,gently insert the hands,legs and head.

Decoration:For painting it, I actually did not use paint,I used colous paper and glued them to give it a good look.

Now,add all the details for the face and hands.


Step 7: Bonus:Toothbrush Holder From Bottle Cap!

This is a little and a fun project.

To make this, just cut the bottle cap as shown in the images and add a toothbrush!

Step 8: More From Newspaper Tubes

These are some fun projects which we can understand by seeing the images.

So that's it! This was my instructable on recycled materials.

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Thank you for taking a look on this project!

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