I teach you how to make 7 fun and easy pranks to give a scare to friends and family on Halloween.

Step 1:

for this joke we will use a toy plastic hand saw fake blood scissors and a black marker permanent we will start cutting the saw to the extent of our forearm then we set the two ends with superweight now that has been list we just have to place our saw and draw the wound simulating the entrance of is a good scare and they will take our family or friends when the surprise with our fake wound

Step 2:

our next joke is take the water bottle of our brother or friend and we will stick to the lid of this one rubber snake

So when our friend or relative Take your bottle to drink a little water you will find this surprise

Step 3:

the joke is to take some fruits from the fridge and insert in these plastic fangs that they sell for halloween with this joke we will surprise more than one when opening the fridge find these terrifying fruits we can give it a more terrifying touch applying a good amount of blood false

Step 4:

for this joke we have achieved a small stretchable toy arm and we have placed his end a glove stuffed with cotton funny surprise they will take family and friends when activating our mechanical arm seems like our hand shoots towards them

Step 5:

this joke is a classic and consists of take a spider or insect plastic and with the help of a piece of nylon place it glued to the door So when our friend or relative open the door will cause the insect fall on him surprising him and giving it a good scare

Step 6:

the joke is to place an insect of light that illuminates in the dark nearface of our brother or friend when this one sleeping funny surprise the one that will take when you open your eyes you are with this joke insect

Step 7:

this joke consists in getting a rubber or plastic eye and place them inside a chocolate well when we offer him some friend or family member and there will be your bonbon you will find with this surprise

Step 8:

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