Introduction: TOP 10 PRANKS - Easy Pranks to Make Your Friends

Learn how to make 10 easy and fun pranks to enjoy with friends and family. Ideas of pranks with homemade materials and easy to get.

In the video explains each step of the jokes. (includes titles in English).

Step 1: Prank Virtual Reality Glasses That Stain the Face

This prank is to take the glasses virtual reality of our friend or brothers and sisters without being aware of it and help of a paint brush black oil for the face in the pad where the face is supported.

Step 2: Pranking Shoes Narrow

For this prank we will do a few balls using some sheets of paper and without being aware we will fill the tip of the shoe our friends or family with some of this.

Funny surprise they will take our friends or family when they try to put on their shoes.

Step 3: Broken Break-up Prank

This joke consists of taking a break from those used to turn on or off the light and place a piece of double tape in the back.

Now that it's ready, we'll cover the real break and we put in false in any place of Wall so when someone tries to turn it on or turn off the light will go crazy at no understand why it does not work.

Step 4: Prank Bath Paper Tail

for this prank take on a long strip toilet paper and fold it into accordion shape then we take a piece of thick tape and we wrap it over and we stick it on the paper and now we can only place it without giving account at the right time when our friend is going to sit in the chair.

Step 5: The Minotaur Banana Prank

this joke is very funny and consists to take a banana and with the help of a straw or straw remove some of it stuffing from the bottom then with the help of a syringe fill it with toothpaste.

Now we can only put it again in the fruit bowl and wait for that someone will eat it, we will not tolerate laughter when we see the face of our family or friends when you try your banana meet with this surprise.

Step 6: Prank of the Shoes or Tennis Joined by Padlock

this joke is to take advantage of a neglect of our friend or relative with their shoes and join them with the help of a padlock.

Funny surprise that will take when trying to put on shoes you can not use them because of this prank.

Step 7: Sticky Hand Sanitizer Prank

This prank is to take the disinfectant in our hands of our girlfriend, sister or mother without you noticing, remove all your content and replace with glue transparent or liquid silicone.

So when you use your gel you will find with this funny and sticky surprise.

Step 8: Prank of Tangerine or Spicy Orange

for this prank we will take an orange or tangerine from the fruit bowl and with the help syringe we will inject it with a good amount of hot sauce.

A spicy and funny surprise that your friends will never forget to try their tangerine.

Step 9: Prank Wet Cloths That Stain the Face

For this joke we will take without realizing the face cloths on our girlfriend sister or mother and we will apply

inside a good amount of vinyl or white paint.

Funny surprise they will take when to clean your face it will stain everything in white.

Step 10: Trick or Trick Magic Ticket

for this joke we will use a yoyó retractil porta documentos and a ticket we fold the ticket and place it in the end where the clamp is worn and we ended up sticking the yo-yo to the pocket of our pants.

Now we just have to stretch the yo-yo holding the ticket and offering it to a friend and so just before our friend took it we will release them from our hand and will disappear magically.

Step 11: Learn How to Make 10 Easy and Fun Jokes to Enjoy With Friends and Family.

Ideas of jokes with homemade materials and easy to get.

In the video explains each step of the jokes. (includes titles in English).